Services Offered


Is your pet fearful of certain sounds, settings, people, or objects? Behavioral counseling can help address these fears. 


Does your pet bare teeth, growl, bite, or show other signs of aggression in certain settings? Behavioral counseling can help determine the root cause of these behaviors in order to address them. 

Inappropriate Toileting

Is your pet going to the bathroom in places where he or she shouldn't? By examining your home setting we can design a behavioral plan to help address these issues. 

Pets And Children

Is your pet struggling around children or are you expecting a new baby in the home? Behavioral counseling can help create a safe and harmonious household. 

Adopt A Pet

Want to adopt a new pet from a rescue or shelter but not sure how to determine who will be a good fit for your household? We can help you choose a companion that will fit in well with your family.

Rescue Pet Adjustment

Need help getting your recently rescued pet to fit in to your home? We can help ensure a smoother introduction and happier family dynamic with behavior work. Discounts are offered for this service to thank you for saving a life.